Monday, November 11, 2013

Job Creators?

How often are voters taken in by the pious slogans of conservatives about "job creators" and "makers" and "takers?" Bob Bianchini of Tulsa offers this insightful observation:

Frank Wang, who is paid $75,000 a year as president of Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics, rejected an opportunity for a large raise because he feared the adverse impact it likely would have on one or more of his employees.

A consultant had recommended a salary range of from $87,212 to $130,818 for his position. "I told our finance guy that I would decline any increase because 70 percent of our expenditures are for personnel, and I likely would have to let someone go or reduce someone's work hours to get the pay increase," Wang said.

Compare that to the president of a Rhode Island-based toy company, whose pay was bumped up from $25 million to $28 million, at the same time the company let 170 employees go. Can you imagine how many jobs the so-called "job creators" actually would create if they had the same attitude as Wang? Don't hold your breath.


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